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    Vitamin C is most commonly found in nature in the fruit of rosehip (Rosa canina). Vitamin C is also one of the vitamins that strengthen the immune system. But vitamin C is affected by heat and breaks down. In other words, vitamin C in rosehip foods and drinks made by heating disappears.

    The friendly bacteria, vitamin C and all the natural state of apple cider vinegar in this product, which is obtained without heat treatment, are preserved. Vitamin C is the most powerful vitamin for the immune system. If you drink it every day, you will see that it has great benefits.


    Rosehip vinegar (with natural apple cider vinegar)


    1. It is a blocker of bacteria, fungi, viruses.

    2. It is protective against cancer.

    3. It facilitates absorption in the intestine.

    4. It increases the ingestion of microbes(phagocytosis).

    5. It's good for hemorrhoids.

    6. Accelerates the formation of substances that fight infections.

    7. For infectious diseases(catarrh, flu, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, etc.)


    If half of the rosehip vinegar and the other half of water are added to the coffee cup every hour between Dec, and this process is continued until the bottle is finished, improvement is seen in one day. For children, a small amount of honey molasses can be added to this mixture.








Organic Rose Hip Vinegar

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